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High Fidelity Manifesto

Hello World! We’re teaming up to offer high fidelity government relations for emerging tech companies, start-ups and entrepreneurs.

Focus on the future. Success requires big picture, strategic thinking. We’re a team that knows the territory, the trends and the players and we take the long view. We’re not just in it for one policy win, we’re your partners! We believe government relations can help your company as it pursues its goals and ambitions. We love what’s happening in the tech space right now. We believe in its potential to address intractable social problems, have run startups ourselves, work at a co-working space, and know the language and goals of startups. We know that most startup never interact with governing bodies.

Emerging tech is complex and challenging to legislate. We’re fluent in geek and policy, startup and regulation, entrepreneurship and politics."

Foster connections. We connect people and ideas to spark insights and innovation. We help you grow your business and your network. In order to prevail, you’ve got to be connected; you need to understand how your issue fits into the industry, the economy, the community. Bringing folks together is how you identify the win-win solutions. Forget the lever, sometimes it’s just a matter of getting the right partners together to move mountains.

Work with integrity. The new high fidelity (hi fi) recordings of the jazz era were faithful to not just the original sounds but also the energy and invention the technology made possible. Jazz musicians were pioneers, expanding the boundaries while staying true to their art. We know emerging tech companies and existing tech giants (who are innovating internally), can innovate with heart as well.

Build the ecosystem. We’re collaborators working to give back, not just cash in. Start-ups and entrepreneurs need to understand the ways policy can be mission critical. Government leaders need to know how to make the most of emerging tech to make our communities thrive. We know that if you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu. We’re dedicated to creating a brain trust of folks who understand emerging tech basics and can inform policy. That’s why educating and empowering clients, business and government leaders is woven into everything we do.

Go ahead, geek out (in a good way) on good government and great good tech. We know that, at its best, government policy can support innovation and economic prosperity while protecting consumers. We understand that every policy, law and regulation impacts real Nevadans’ lives, so we need to be sure we’re unleashing the promise of emerging technology for everyone who lives here.

Embrace the art of government relations. Politics is the art of the possible. We know how to match the strategy to the situation, which tools to use. To accomplish your goals, you’ve got to know when to act and when to wait. When to play the short game and when to play the long game. Sometimes shuttle diplomacy is called for, other times you’ll need to raise your profile under the dome. It comes back to a good strategic plan to achieve your long-term goals.


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