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Meet the High Fidelity Government Relations Team

In 2017, Clift & Cafferata teamed up to pass SB398 the pro-blockchain bill that’s putting Nevada on the map with support for this cutting edge technology.

Meet Elisa Cafferata and Ashley Clift-Jennings, the government relations team that passed SB398 in 2017, the blockchain bill putting Nevada on the cutting edge of the most transformational technology of our time. This high fidelity government relations team pairs the deep policy expertise of a native Nevadan whose political bona fides stretch back decades with the talents of a Nevada start-up legend.

It’s easy to feel burned out on the conflict and the polarization in politics today. But, we’re true believers. We really love this stuff. We get a kick out of wonky policy discussions, and we'll stick with it until we get all of the details ironed out.

Elisa Cafferata grew up in Nevada politics. She’s worked on campaigns and causes, for candidates and political parties for ages. Over the last ten years, she’s lead efforts in increase access to women’s health and equity as the Director of Government Relations for Nevada Advocates for Planned Parenthood. She co-founded the Nevada Teen Health and Safety Coalition as well as the Nevada Coalition for Women’s Equity.

Ashley Clift Jennings is an entrepreneur in her own right who has turned her natural talents to elevating women, girls and lady bosses everywhere. Founder of Girl Empire, Parlor Shows, Lean Crafting and Checklet, she’s a start-up super-connector. She’s played a critical role in countless business launches and partnerships (including the High Fidelity Government Relations team). It’s no surprise she sits on Lieutenant Governor Mark Hutchison’s Nevada Entrepreneurship Task Force.


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