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  • Elisa Cafferata

What Government Relations Really Takes

Politics is the art of the possible. And there's an art to putting together a winning strategy.

Success requires developing customized strategies that thread the needle of relationships, political realities, and policy possibilities.

“I believe in democracy, voting, participation and the political process. I don't believe in the no win scenario.”

· Collaboration = more seats at the table.

· I’m genuinely a policy wonk, I love working on getting the policy right.

· I’m interested in representing companies willing to take the long view … elevate their industries at the same time as their business; government relations matter and should be used for good.

· Represent clients from a position of understanding the business, policy issues, context and political environment.

We are a serious firm ready to handle the complex policy plays that are right for our clients and right for the community. Inventing the future we want with government relations.


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